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Outsource Laboratories Press

Outsource Laboratories Press publishes high quality Information Technology books for the educational and professional training markets. We are committed to providing solutions to meet your publishing needs. Our high quality books, up-to-date supplemental materials, and responsive technical support distinguish us from other publishers.

Outsource Laboratories Press publishes a range of Java and Web Technology titles for professionals and institutions of higher learning. Our books take a hands-on approach to teaching, where students learn by examining examples and completing exercises. Topics are covered in an easy to understand manner to complement and provide background for the examples and exercises. Please browse our Book Catalog.

Supplemental Materials
Our instructional texts have extensive associated supplemental materials, including hands-on lab exercises, step by step exercise templates, fully documented solutions, and comprehensive demonstration files. Each of our titles has a frequently-updated companion web site with links to download supplemental materials including instructor support files and errata.

Technical Support
Our expert technical support staff is available to support institutional customers throughout their adoption of our materials. This includes assistance with setting up laboratory environments, book or exercise clarifications, and answering advanced questions. We also regularly incorporate customer feedback in the updates of our books and materials, to provide products and services of the highest quality.

We would like to expand our offerings and are looking for new titles and authors. Please visit our Author Page for more information.

Please contact us at olabs@olabs.com with any publishing questions or issues.

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