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Superior Hands-on Java & Web Technologies Training and Course Materials

Outsource Laboratories provides complete corporate training services to technology vendors. If you require Java and Web Technologies training, our team of exceptional software professionals, course designers, and instructors can provide you with a suite of services customized to suit your needs. Our highly-acclaimed courses are taught world-wide and our mobile lab and online training enable us to deliver training to any organization. Furthermore, we ensure that each of our instructors can teach beyond the courseware, bringing tremendous benefit and real-world experience to your students or customers.

Java is an exciting, dynamic technology that is in a constant state of change and traditionally thought of as a challenge to teach. As early adopters, we wrote courses to teach our colleagues how to begin using Java and related technologies. Today, we offer over 30 days of Java-based training courses, starting with the fundamentals of the Java language and extending to advanced topics. Olabs offers four core tracks, each containing comprehensive modules which can be customized to suit your training needs. Please view our Java Coursemap

All of our courses are available for on-site delivery, online delivery, or courseware licensing. For instructor-led training, courseware purchasing, or licensing information, please contact training@olabs.com

Course Curriculum

Our instructors and our courseware bring real-world programming experience into every classroom, while our curriculum runs the gamut of technical training from basic internet technology topics to advanced Java programming topics. We continuously update our courseware to keep pace with technology changes. Please view our Courseware List.

Click on a course title below to obtain a detailed description of the course.  Our courseware includes student guides, instructor presentation files, lab exercise template and solution files, demonstration files, set up instructions and technical support. 

Introduction to Programming
OL300  Introduction to Programming with Microsoft® Visual Basic® .NET New!
OL302  Introduction to Programming with Java
OL303  Using Simple Programming Logic 
OL304  Introduction to Programming in Java

Introductory Java for Professionals
OL309  Programming in Java, Part 1 
OL310  Programming in Java, Part 2

Developer Workshops
OL312  Java Development Workshop
OL202  Object Oriented Analysis and Design with UML

OL311  Database Programming with JDBC Technology
OL313  Developing Web Applications with JavaServer Pages
OL314  Developing and Using JavaBeans Components
OL315  Java Network Programming
OL316  Java Servlet Programming
OL317  Developing Enterprise JavaBeans Applications
OL319  Java Foundation Classes (Swing)

Web Programming  
OL301  Web Technology Overview
OL305  HTML: Basic and Advanced 
OL306  Dynamic HTML 
OL321  Programming Concepts for Non-Programmers
OL320  JavaScript Programming, Basics and Beyond
OL324  Advanced JavaScript Programming (2 day course)
OL325  Advanced JavaScript Programming (1 day course)
OL327  Introduction to XML

Web Services  
OL901  Web Services Overview
OL903  Web Services Concepts and Implementations
OL905  Web Services Concepts, Implementations and Applications

Need Custom Training?   We can help you.

Do you have special concerns? Unlike most training organizations, we provide customized versions of all our courses. Whether you are interested in following Java's enhancement, advancing core skills, or training a development team to understand and communicate in a common manner, designing a course to meet your needs is part of our instructional process.

Our expert staff of writers, editors, instructors, and technical support personnel provide expert technical assistance in response to our clients needs. When we are called on to add special information into a course (e.g. new or advanced topics) we not only introduce additional lecture material, but add hands-on exercises as well.

For additional information regarding our training services, please contact us at training@olabs.com or by phone at 732-545-1011.

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